Mini Dumpers

Kubota KC70

Smaller option with intuitive controls and great 700kg load capacity.



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    The mini dumper you need for smaller projects or for general leanups. Small, maneuvrable, narrow enough to pass through doorways. KC70 can carry more than 6 fully loaded wheelbarrows at once.

    Compact yet Mighty

    Appearance can be deceptive! KC70, despite its compact form, is a titan in disguise. The track carrier holds up to 1,543 lbs, and the KC120 doesn’t shy away with its 2,646 lbs capacity.

    Flex Dumping Mechanics

    Whether it’s the KC70’s impressive 68° forward dumping prowess or the KC120’s versatile 56° forward and 61° side tilt, these machines redefine adaptability in dumping mechanics.

    Navigating Narrow Spaces

    The KC Series is a testament to thoughtful engineering. Whether it’s squeezing through a narrow 34.6-inch gap with the KC70 or threading through a tight 37.4-inch space with the KC120, these machines are built for precision and efficiency.

    Superior Ride & Grip

    Rugged terrains? No issue. The KC Series’ bogie-style rollers promise stability and the rubber crawlers ensure the machine treads lightly, offering unparalleled traction and minimizing ground damage.

    Green Powerhouse

    The Kubota diesel engine isn’t just efficient; it’s a nod to a cleaner future. Embodying environmental consciousness, it’s designed for optimal torque and output, all while meeting the stringent EPA Tier-4 regulations.

    Brand: Kubota
    Type: Track Carrier
    Max Load Capacity: 700 kg / 1543 lb
    Bed Height: 360 mm / 13.8 in
    • One-touch seat adjustment
    • 145mm ground clearance
    • Mechanical+Hydrostatic transmission
    • Bogie style underrollers with shock absorption
    • Compact design

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Length: 2415 mm / 95.1 in
    • Width: 880 mm / 34.6 in
    • Height: 1310 mm / 51.6 in
    • Weight: 450 kg / 922 lb

    Operational performance

    • Max load capacity: 700 kg / 1543 lb
    • Bed Length: 1250 mm / 49.2 in
    • Bed Width: 820 mm / 32.3 in
    • Bed Height: 360 mm / 13.8 in
    • Capacity – struck: 0.3 m3 / 0.39 yd3
    • Capacity – heaped: 0.36 m3 / 0.47 yd3
    • Dumping system: Hydraulic
    • Dumping direction: Front

    Engine & Fuel

    • Horsepower: 5.6 HP
    • Fuel tank: 3.5 l / 0.92 gal
    • Cylinders: 1

    Download manufacturer’s full specs list for Kubota KC70 Mini Dumper


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    Bobcat MT100
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    Kubota SSV75
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      What is the load capacity of the Kubota KC70?

      The Kubota KC70 has been designed to carry significant weight despite its compact size. Specifically, it boasts a load capacity of 1,543 lbs, making it a powerful choice for various construction and transportation tasks.

      How wide is the Kubota KC70?

      Measuring at a width of 34.6 inches, the Kubota KC70 is designed to fit through narrow spaces. This width enables operators to easily navigate through tight corridors, doorways, and fenced areas.

      What are the overall dimensions of the Kubota KC70?

      Kubota KC70’s design prioritizes both functionality and compactness. It stands at an overall length of 95.1 inches, a width of 34.6 inches, and a height of 51.6 inches, making it suitable for diverse work environments without compromising on performance.

      What is the ground clearance of the KC70?

      With a ground clearance of 5.1 inches, the KC70 ensures smooth navigation across uneven terrains. This clearance level reduces the risk of the machine getting stuck or damaged by underlying obstacles.

      What's the track width of the KC70?

      The track of the KC70 is 7.9 inches wide. This width contributes to the machine’s stability, ensuring it remains balanced even when carrying heavy loads or navigating tricky terrains.


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