Right Bins Construction Bin Rental — What to Expect

So you’ve ordered a construction bin rental. Want to have a little glimpse into the future? Here are some insights about our way of work and what will happen next. 

SPOILER: There are no details that will affect the price or the process for you, so it’s not a mandatory read. We just want to make sure we highlight all the small things we’ve developed over the years in the field. 

The Preparation of Your Bin

The very first thing we do before rolling out to your location is cleaning the bin. It’s actually not so dirty, since we wash them after every order as well, but one more wash and drying is necessary to make sure there are no tiny bits of junks left anywhere in the corners.

Delivering a dirty bin is a big no-no for the industry. It’s one of the things that sets a professional company aside from unprofessionals. It’s just something intuitive: the client’s kids may walk past the bin, the whole street sees it, you need to interact with it closely every day. Why’d we be OK with keeping it dirty?

After all, we want the trucks with our logo to drive around with something that associates cleanliness and efficiency in them, not hazard and dirt.

The Materials

Next big step is making sure that you have what you need in the bin. Most of the time it’s just space for your bin, the absolute majority of our customers order empty bins for junk removal. Sometimes, though, they need it for a landscaping project and order something that may come in handy: 

  • Soil;
  • Sand;
  • Screening;
  • Crush;
  • Mulch. 

All the material ordered is carefully weighed and placed in the bin. It’s another reason for double-cleaning actually: we don’t want the mulch you order to have any traces of concrete or broken tiles.

The Roll Out to Your Location in the GTA

Thanks to the form on our homepage, the team knows all the details of the construction bin delivery before they start the truck. Where are they going, where on the property they need to put the bin (whether it’s an asphalt driveway or the front lawn).  

It’s convenient for both the client and our team. You get the bin placed in the most convenient place, and the delivery team knows how to approach your property.

It’s more important for logistics than it may seem. Some residential areas are… well, not quite built for a huge truck to make multiple turns around. When everything is set and ready, the team starts the ride to your location.

The Arrival of the Construction Bin on Your Property

Something we’re really proud of: we’re never late.

If you have a tiny window in your schedule between 10:35 and 10:50, that’s exactly when the truck will appear in your driveway. It’s not a necessity for a half of our clients, since we often see just the construction workers on site, but for those who participate in the process personally — it might be important. So we strive to be on time.

Is your presence on site necessary? No, it’s not. Will we act as carefully as if you were watching closely anyway? Yes, we will.

Our team rolls out a bit early because of the possible traffic, but they’ll wait for the right time instead of appearing out of nowhere unexpectedly. Doing what’s EXPECTED is a big part of keeping it hassle-free. After all, distracting you from a business call or just from breakfast is not something we want to do. 

Installation — Slow & Careful

A little technical detail: the mechanisms on the truck that delivers the bin work by hydraulics. The system is configurable, and we configure it to be really slow, on purpose. 

It’s one thing to unload a construction removal bin on a gravel sideroad. And it’s a whole different thing to place it on a newly built asphalt driveway with an expensive sealer.

The team needs to make sure no unwanted objects are under the bin when they put it on the ground. Even a tiny rock can leave a mark. An empty bin weighs between 600 and 3500 lbs, depending on the size, and it obviously gets much heavier when full. Imagine what this pressure, applied to a small solid object caught under the bin, can do to the surface.  

Slow and careful off-loading adds a minute or two to the process, but it’s a small price to pay for leaving no scratch, no marks, and no trace of the bin anywhere.

Here’s a tip: you can order the bin to be placed on your lawn, not the driveway, and it’s the right thing to do if you have some expensive coating on your driveway. The bin will stamp on the grass a bit, but the wide surface of the bin bottom won’t do any irreversible damage to the lawn, if the area is even and has no foreign objects. The absolute best option would be to put it on the street, but not all areas allow it. 

So… that’s it?

Yes, that’s all it takes! The whole process is a few minutes long from start to finish. As you can see, there’s nothing exceptionally difficult here: 

  1. Keep it nice and clean;
  2. Value your customer’s time and convenience;
  3. Be careful at every step of the way; 
  4. And leave no trace.

We’ve done it enough times to optimize every single little thing, so we can keep it both simple and affordable. Nothing extra, nothing complicated, just the right bins for your waste removal.

If you have already ordered the bin and expect it to arrive, you know what’s going to happen, And if you have not ordered your construction bin yet… Well, at least you know how it works from the inside!

P.S. Oh, and about us taking it away from your property — there’s nothing special. In the best case scenario, you won’t even notice it. Our team will arrive at the time you want and just take the whole bin away, with all your waste. The rest is history.

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