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Bobcat E20

Compact & agile model for work in tight spaces.



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    E20 is Bobcat’s ultra-compact excavator with impressive performance. When you need to dig a trench in a tight space or work on the foundation from the inside, this is probably the best option: it’s compact enough to work effectively anywhere.

    Unmatched Performance

    E20 mini excavator, Bobcat’s 2-tonne zero house swing model, shows remarkable performance, prioritized safety, and unmatched comfort. Additionally, it offers a plethora of functional features designed for the advanced and newbie operator.

    Compact Yet Comfortable

    Operators will appreciate the Bobcat E20’s compact design that doesn’t skimp on comfort and functionality. 320-degrees of free rotation provides an edge in tight spaces, protecting the structure when working close to objects.

    Efficient Design

    E20 combines compactness with efficiency. Its fuel efficiency is especially remarkable: you’re not wasting extra money on diesel. Moreover, its hydraulic undercarriage system is adjustable, granting access through tight gates.

    Safety First

    Compliant with ROPS/FOPS/TOPS standards and offering both open canopy and air-conditioned cabin options, E20 ensures operators’ well-being.

    Effortless On-Site Maintenance

    Bobcat E20’s design ensures reliability with minimal maintenance. Conveniently placed service points make cleaning a breeze.

    Brand: Bobcat
    Type: Compact Excavator
    Bucket Digging Force: 4684 lbf
    Max Reach at Ground: 167.9 in
    • Tail Swing Type: Zero
    • Engine Shutdown
    • Auxiliary Hydraulics
    • Rubber Track
    • Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Length: 145.2 in
    • Width: 53.5 in
    • Height: 90.4 in

    Operational performance

    • Arm Digging Force: 2,086 lbf
    • Bucket Digging Force: 4,684 lbf
    • Rated Lift Capacity: 1098 lb
    • Operating Weight: 4,306 lb
    • Travel Speed: 2.6 mph
    • Boom Swing Left/Right: 80°/60°
    • Maximum Dig Depth: 101 in
    • Max Dump Height: 106 in
    • Maximum Reach at Ground: 167.9 in

    Engine & Fuel

    • Emissions Tier (EPA): Tier 4
    • Engine Fuel: Diesel
    • Horsepower: 13.9 hp
    • Fuel Tank: 5 gal

    Download manufacturer’s full specs list for Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator


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      What is Bobcat E20?

      If we had to describe this mini excavator in just one sentence, it would go like this: a highly reliable machine, known for its strong durability. E20’s design focuses on easy maintenance, making cleaning a hassle-free experience.

      How much does the Bobcat E20 cost?

      The base price of the Bobcat E20 is around $50,000-52,000. However, you can rent it for as low as $250 a day. It goes below $100 CAD a day if you rent it for an extended period of time, like a month, but shorter terms — like one day or a weekend — are also available.

      What is the weight of the E20 Bobcat?

      The E20 Bobcat has a weight of approximately 4306 lbs, which translates to roughly 1,953 kg. Its sturdy build ensures it can handle tough construction tasks. You might need rubber floor mats if you need to use it on fragile surfaces, like new driveway coating or indoor areas.

      What is the digging capacity of the E20?

      With the Bobcat E20, you can achieve a deep dig of up to 8’6 feet. It boasts a maximum reach of 14 feet, and when dumping materials, it can reach a height of 8’8 feet, making it versatile enough for the majority of construction tasks.

      What is the size of the Bobcat E20?

      The standard size for the Bobcat E20 Mini Excavator is 12 ft 2 in. It’s worth noting that this measurement can be influenced by the type of attachments used and other machine configurations, so it’s always a good idea to check specifics on site.


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