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Bobcat T595

Comfortable, capable, designed for heavy duty tasks in all conditions.



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    Perfect basic track loader for bigger scale tasks. Easy to control, with multiple operator comfort features. Tracks make it easy to move around, and closed cabin with winter-protected engine make Bobcat T595 suitable for work in any weather.

    Engine Efficiency

    Bobcat T595 has a Tier 4 compliant engine with no need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Practically, it means reduced maintenance, reliability,  and more horsepower where it matters.

    Precision Control

    Experience unmatched customization with Bobcat’s Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), offering smooth control over the loader and its tools. All joysticks are easy to control, but this system just stands out.

    Hydraulic Excellence

    Achieve quicker cycle times and peak job-site efficiency. Every component, from the engine to hydraulics, is crafted for optimal performance.

    Comfort in Operation

    Navigate rough terrains with minimal spillage, thanks to automatic ride control. Plus, the spacious cab design and adjustable seating elevate operator comfort.

    Winter Protection

    The engine adjusts itself in extreme cold, warming the oil to prevent premature wear, ensuring longevity in all conditions.

    Brand: Bobcat
    Type: Compact Track Loader
    ROC: 2200 lb
    Operating Weight: 8022 lb
    Platform: Track
    • Joystick Control
    • Air Conditioning
    • Backup Alarm
    • BICS System (Interlock)
    • Operating Lights
    • Suspension Seat
    • Engine Shutdown
    • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning
    • Auxiliary Hydraulics
    • Bob-Tach Attachment System
    • Cab Enclosure
    • Adjustable Seat

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Length: 133 in
    • Width: 67 in
    • Height: 77.8 in
    • Reach at Max Height: 34.9 in

    Operational performance

    • ROC: 2,200 lb
    • Tipping Load: 6517 lb
    • Operating Weight: 8022 lb
    • Travel Speed: 7.1 mph
    • Ground Pressure: 5.1 psi

    Engine & Fuel

    • Emissions Tier: Tier 4
    • Engine Fuel: Diesel
    • Horsepower: 70 hp
    • Fuel Tank: 36.5 gal

    Download manufacturer’s full specs list for Bobcat T595 Track Loader


    Kubota SSV75
    Skid steer loader for complex tasks on smooth surfaces and in tight areas.
    Designed to lift heavy tiles and stone slabs as high as you need
    Bobcat MT85
    Optimal choice for small-to-medium scale construction and renovation projects.
    Kubota KC120
    Similar to KC70 but capable of transferring 1,2 tons of materials in one go.


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      What is the horsepower of the Bobcat T595?

      Bobcat T595 is powered by a robust 74 hp engine, so it’s capable of handling even the most  challenging construction tasks with ease and efficiency. It’s a bigger model of our inventory, more powerful than MT85 or MT100 (other track loader options).

      How does the Bobcat T595 compare to the T590?

      In short, it’s superior: that’s why we offer Bobcat T595 rental, not the T590 option. Bobcat T595 is a powerhouse with a horsepower of 74hp, which is an 11% increase compared to the T590’s 66hp. Moreover, the T595 has an advanced design. And it’s compatible with Tier 4 final environmental requirements, while the T590 is not.

      What's the capacity of the T595 loader?

      Bobcat T595 loader has an operating load of 2,200 lbs. It also has a comfortable operating width of 67 inches, ensuring it can accommodate various tasks.

      How much does the T595 weigh?

      The Bobcat T595 has a substantial weight of 8,055 lbs. However, this weight can slightly vary depending on added machine configurations and attachments.

      Does the T595 come with a high-flow feature?

      Yes, the T595 is equipped with high-flow hydraulics. This feature amplifies the power for selected attachments, ensuring optimal performance and versatility in various operations.

      Between Bobcat and Kubota, which one is better?

      Both brands are known for their performance. However, while Bobcat and Kubota have similar max travel speeds, the Bobcat takes a slight advantage in digging force. Not really significant for the vast majority of tasks, but sometimes — it matters.


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