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Bobcat MT100

Slightly improved version of MT85, with much bigger payload capabilities.



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    MT100 is slightly bigger and slightly more capable Bobcat track loader in the lightweight class. Can lift and move around more than MT85, but just as agile and versatile when it comes to complex tasks in tight spaces.

    Compact Yet Powerful

    The Bobcat MT100 Mini Track Loader navigates tight spaces with a width of just 36 inches. At under 55 inches in height and 106 inches in length (with the bucket), makes it a top choice for tasks in confined spaces.

    Elevated Lifting performance

    Surpassing the MT85’s 850 lbs capacity, the MT100 lifts a notable 1,000 lbs — an 18% improvement. Transport more per trip, optimizing time and fuel.

    Engineered for Efficiency

    Powered by a dependable Tier-4 EPA compatible diesel engine with 24 horsepower, the MT100 is both reliable and efficient. Its joystick controls are ergonomically designed, minimizing operator fatigue.

    Maintenance Made Simple

    Easily maintain the MT100 with tool-free access to essentials like coolant, fuel, and oil. Its undercarriage requires minimal upkeep: no problems during your rental period.

    Brand: Bobcat
    Type: Compact Track Loader
    ROC: 1000 lb
    Operating Weight: 3390 lb
    Platform: Track
    • Lift-Arm Support
    • Auxiliary Hydraulics
    • Spark Arrestor Muffler
    • Bob-Tach Attachment System
    • Wide Track
    • Neutral Start Interlocks
    • Lift Arm Lockout With Manual Bypass
    • Tilt Lockout
    • Built-In Tie Down & Crane/Lift Locations
    • Ride-on Platform

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Length: 106.2 in
    • Width: 35.6 in
    • Height: 54.6 in
    • Reach at Max Height: 18.6 in

    Operational performance

    • ROC: 1,000 lb
    • Tipping Load: 2898 lb
    • Operating Weight: 3390 lb
    • Travel Speed: 4.1 mph
    • Ground Pressure: 5.25 psi

    Engine & Fuel

    • Emissions Tier: Tier 4
    • Engine Fuel: Diesel
    • Horsepower: 24.8 hp
    • Fuel Tank: 7 gal

    Download manufacturer’s full specs list for Bobcat MT100 Track Loader


    Kubota U17
    Zero tail swing option with all benefits of a “mini” class.
    Bobcat MT85
    Optimal choice for small-to-medium scale construction and renovation projects.
    Bobcat E20
    Compact & agile model for work in tight spaces.
    Bobcat E35
    Bigger option for more digging and trenching.


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      How much does it cost to rent a Bobcat MT100?

      If you want to BUY Bobcat MT100, nowadays in Canada it’s priced at about $42,000 to purchase. However, you can rent it for $250 CAD for a single day if you order at RightBins. We have affordable rental options for Bobcat MT100 for weekends, a week, and several months.

      What's the weight of the Bobcat MT100?

      Your rental, the Bobcat MT100, weighs 3,390 lb. It’s not heavy enough to damage the site. However, if you work with delicate surfaces, like driveway coating, asphalt, or indoor, you may need rubber floor mats to make sure the loader leaves no trace.

      What tasks can I accomplish with my rental Bobcat MT100?

      You can rent the MT100 for a wide range of diverse jobs. It excels in trenching, digging, and hauling, for starters. It’s also great for demolition and snow removal. Site prep and utility installation? It handles those too.

      Can you tell me more about the Bobcat MT100 size?

      When it comes to practicality, MT100 is the optimal compact choice. It fits through gates and doorways, can pass through narrow spaces between residential buildings, and operate in tight corners easily. Its operating capacity, despite its compact size, is a strong 1,000 lb.

      How much can the MT100 lift?

      Your MT100 rental can confidently lift up to 1,000 lbs. This makes it versatile enough for many lifting tasks: you can clean up the whole basement demolition site in 3-4 trips between the site and the construction garbage bin. However,

      I'm renting for winter. Which track is best for the Bobcat?

      For winter tasks, stock tracks work perfectly. They offer superior traction, especially on snow.

      Bridgestone tracks are an option as well, but we believe that the tracks we use are the best of two worlds and work in all conditions. You can contact us for more details if you’re unsure.

      What distinguishes the MT85 from the MT100 in your rental fleet?

      The MT85 Bobcat track loader from our fleet lifts 850 lbs at max. The MT100 you’re looking at now? It can handle 1,000 lbs. MT85 is more suitable for smaller projects, and MT100 stands as the superior, more capable version. Also, MT100 is a late model with all the new Bobcat features.

      For my project, should I rent a track loader or a skid steer?

      For hard surfaces, rent a skid steer, like Kubota SSV75. It’s faster and turns better on concrete. Track loaders are not ideal for long hours on hard ground. For garden work or yard renovation and for tight spaces — MT100 is the way to go.


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