Mini Excavators

Kubota U17

Zero tail swing option with all benefits of a “mini” class.



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    Tiny, capable, easy to maneuver between houses in tight residential areas or indoors. Kubota U17 is a direct competitor to Bobcat E20 in the mini excavator class. Also, we can deliver it with several attachments for your needs.

    Compact. Capable. Simple.

    When limited space demands precision and power, Kubota’s U17 steps up. Designed for tight spaces yet never compromising on performance, it’s the ultimate compact excavator for demanding tasks.

    Engine Upgrades

    The U17’s engine has been supercharged from 13HP to 17HP, ensuring power, reliability, and efficiency. Also, it won’t annoy you or the neighbors at site as much as many cheaper models.

    Dozer Arm Extension

    Collecting soil and rocks close to the excavator is now more efficient thanks to the extended dozer arm. This design ensures no debris gets trapped between the dozer and the crawler.

    Zero-Tail Swing Design

    Eliminate concerns about surrounding obstacles. With zero-tail swing, U17’s tail stays within its track width regardless of its rotation.

    Advanced Undercarriage

    The U17 takes a page from high-end excavators, incorporating double-flanged track rollers and short-pitched rubber crawlers. This combination enhances stability, reduces vibration, and promises a comfortable day on the job for the operator.

    Brand: Kubota
    Type: Mini Excavator
    Bucket Digging Force: 1550 kgf / 3417.2 lbf
    Max Reach at Ground: 12.8ft (3.9 m)
    • Tail swing type: zero
    • Adjustable track width
    • 2-speed travel
    • TPSS
    • Auxiliary hydraulics flow

    Weight & Dimensions

    • Length: 3545 mm / 139 in
    • Width: 1240 mm / 49 in
    • Height: 2340 mm / 92 in

    Operational performance

    • Arm Digging Force: 870 kgf / 1918 lbf
    • Bucket Digging Force: 1550 kgf / 3417.2 lbf
    • Rated Lift Capacity: 160 kg / 352 lb
    • Operating Weight: 1,680 kg / 3703.8 lb
    • Travel Speed: 4.1 km/h / 2.1 mph
    • Boom Swing Left/Right: 65°/58°
    • Max Dig Depth: 7.6 ft (2 m)
    • Max Dump Height: 8.1 ft (2 m)
    • Max Reach at Ground: 12.8ft (3.9 m)

    Engine & Fuel

    • Emissions Tier (EPA): Tier 4
    • Engine Fuel: Diesel
    • Horsepower: 12.7 kW / 17 HP
    • Fuel Tank: 19 l / 5.02 gal

    Download manufacturer’s full specs list for Kubota U17 Mini Excavator


    Bobcat E35
    Bigger option for more digging and trenching.
    Kubota KC120
    Similar to KC70 but capable of transferring 1,2 tons of materials in one go.
    Kubota SSV75
    Skid steer loader for complex tasks on smooth surfaces and in tight areas.
    Kubota KC70
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      How much does the Kubota U17 cost?

      The 2023 Kubota U17 Mini Excavator is priced at approximately $32,000.. Prices may vary based on the dealer, region, and additional features or attachments included. However, it’s not something you need to worry about.

      With Rightbins, you can get your Kubota U17 for less than $100 / day if you rent for an extended period and for as low as $250 if you need it just for one day. We’ll also take care of servicing it, so all you have to do is just use it in your construction or renovation project.

      What is the operating weight of the Kubota U17?

      The Kubota U17 has an approximate operating weight of 3,703.8 lbs (1,680 kg), which considers the standard bucket and a full tank of fuel.

      How many tons is the Kubota U17?

      The Kubota U17 is a 1.7-tonne excavator. This low weight places it in the “mini”, or compact excavator class suitable for smaller job sites and tasks.

      Is Kubota U17 diesel-powered?

      Yes, Kubota U17-3αHI comes with a Stage V diesel engine, ensuring compliance with the latest emissions standards and offering both power and fuel efficiency.

      How deep can Kubota U17 dig?

      The Kubota U17 has a digging capability of just over 7 feet deep. This depth is considerable for its size, making it perfect for tasks like utility installations or foundation work in residential areas.

      What is the lifting capacity of the Kubota U17?

      The Kubota U17-3 Excavator possesses a rated lifting capacity of about 160kg, ideal for hoisting materials like piping, debris, or smaller construction tools.


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